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question-marks-background-3909777-3d-question-mark-on-a-solid-white-backgroundDo you have some questions about House swapping? Here are some answers to some of the common questions that we get asked.

Is it free to view the houses on the website?

Yes, it is completely free to view houses, look at profiles and see if there are any homes you are interested in swapping with.

If something does takes your fancy and you would like to register your house and start swapping, you can take the next step and pay the annual subscription fee of $69, this will enable you to contact other members and start lining up your own house swaps.

Why Kiwi House Swap?

Other house swapping sites target international travel, but Kiwi House Swap is locally owned and operated, we are a dedicated website for house swapping within New Zealand.

We understand how New Zealanders like to holiday, how we communicate, our hopes, our concerns and generally how we roll.

Kiwi House Swap looks after the locals.

Our site is stylish, social, secure and simple-to-use. It has hundreds of exciting properties listed for you to exchange with and we’ll guide you through the process.

New Zealand offers some of the best holiday destinations in the world. Why not swap a house and explore our own country?

How often can I swap?

You can swap as many times as you like throughout your membership year. There are no hidden or extra costs beyond your annual membership.

How does house swapping work?

With house swapping, you can say goodbye to forking out for a holiday home or expensive hotel.

You simply swap your own home, holiday house or bach with other members to enjoy free accommodation.

Can I do non-simultaneous home swaps?

Sure you can. You and your exchange partner can make any arrangements you are happy with. This can include simultaneous or non-simultaneous house swaps. A lot of our members have several of their homes registered with us, some of these are holiday houses which makes non-simultaneous swaps easier.

How do members contact each other about house swaps?

Members initially contact each other about house swaps through the secure messaging system within the Kiwi House Swap website.

You will receive an email to your own email address to alert you each time you receive a new message from other Kiwi House Swap members interested in swapping with you.

We ask that our members respond to all swap requests and messages, even if the swap request is not of interest to you. The first initial e-mail you receive from an interested swap party is via the Kiwi House Swap secure messaging service, all other communication with this swap member via e-mail will then be directly via your own e-mail addresses.

Once you’ve made contact with members via the site, it’s also a good idea to discuss your home swap on a phone call or via Skype to get to know your exchange partner more.

Can I list more than one house?

Sure you can. Members can list as many properties as they like at no extra cost.

Simply login any time to the Kiwi House Swap website, you can Login at the top right hand corner of the website, go to the ‘My Profile’ area – once you have logged into your profile you will see your own personal dashboard with “Your details” which is your personal information, below this you will see “Your House/Property Details” – under this heading you will find a green button “Add a property” just hit this and “follow the prompts.

We recommend that you fill out all the fields so other members can get a full understanding of your property.

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