Top 10 tips for travelling with kids!

We all love holidays but travelling with a family can require planning that rivals running a small nation! Here are some of our top tips for travelling with your family.

  1. Make a checklist of everything you need to take. Start with your wishlist and narrow it down to essentials and fill the remaining space with your non-essentials.
  2. Check out hire businesses in your destination location. It might save you bringing your buggy, or cot leaving more space in the car for comfort (or more toys to play with). House Swapping is great as many homes are equipped for kids so you don’t need to worry about bringing the basics. Many homes also have bikes, paddleboards and other recreational items available to borrow.
  3. Food and water – pack loads of snacks and water for the drive. Keep the kids hydrated and full of food and there will be much less complaining (speaking from personal experience here!)
  4. If your kids don’t get carsick from watching entertainment bring the ipads and phones. If you want a quiet trip I would highly recommend each child having headphones so they can each listen to their own movie without sibling disturbance.
  5. If you are planning to stay in your destination longer than a weekend consider getting 2 rooms. House Swapping is a fantastic option for families as everyone can have some space making it more relaxing for mum and dad and the kids!
  6. Talk to your kids about the destination you are planning on going to before you go. Ask them to research what there is to do there. This helps narrow down options before you go so you can make sure you tick off the favourites. It is also a great way to learn more about your destination.
  7. Pack some suncream, mozzie repellant, non-prescription antihistamine for symptoms such as sneezing, streaming noses or itchy eyes and most importantly any medication that you or your child needs. New Zealand has some incredible remote locations to visit but there may not be medical attention available as easily as a city.
  8. If your children are old enough to explore alone, make sure you give them a meeting point to go to. If they have mobile phones make sure they carry them too. It is a good idea to set some pretty clear boundaries on where they can and can’t go, particularly in an unknown location.
  9. Take your time and don’t over plan. Having time to stop, relax and do nothing is just as important as seeing the sights. Our busy lives leave many of us time poor so use your holiday break to reconnect and hang out with the people you love the most!
  10.  If you are looking to keep costs down, consider a house swap. If you swap with another family you can end up with a child-proofed home, toys to play with and insider information on things to do and healthcare services.

Kiwi House Swap has so many fantastic accommodation options for families travelling. Check out our family-friendly accommodation options and start planning.

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